Why You Need to Repair Wood Rot ASAP

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Why You Need to Repair Wood Rot ASAP

Wood rot can occur in the presence of wood, warmth, oxygen, and moisture. You might have wood rot if you reside in Northern Virginia and have wood in your home, especially outdoors, in bathrooms, or in kitchens. Wood rot is often found in exterior door and window frames, siding, and untreated exterior wood.

Inspecting your home thoroughly every year for wood rot is essential, as delaying any repairs can be expensive. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of wood rot.

About Wood Rot

The growth of fungi on a surface can cause wood rot when the conditions are ideal for its growth – wood surface, warmth, oxygen, and moisture. While fungal spores are always present in the air, wood rot can occur when the spores land on a surface with those four elements present. In Northern Virginia, our climate can be ideal for wood rot, so annual inspections can be crucial.

Preventing Wood Rot

You must eliminate at least one of the four conditions to avoid wood rot:

        • Wood: You can replace wood with composite materials, although it can be costly. If replacing it isn’t an option, excellent wood products can seal and protect the wood from the elements. However, it will need to be regularly reapplied. Stain or paint is an effective way to seal the wood, so long as you maintain the integrity of the stain or paint through the years.
        • Oxygen: You can’t remove oxygen – if anything, ensure good air circulation because air circulation can help keep moisture down. More on this in the next point.
        • Moisture: In some cases, you can limit exposure to moisture. You can’t stop rain exposure for your home’s exterior, but you can use treated wood and regularly seal it. Increase air circulation as much as possible in confined spaces. For example, you can add specialized fans in the attic.
        • Heat: The location of the wood in your home determines its ability to retain or repel warmth. Exterior wood cannot be shielded from heat, but you can seal the wood to create a protective barrier.

Keep reading for more information.

Finding Wood Rot

It’s important to promptly address wood rot, so regular inspections are crucial. Once you identify wood rot, it can be challenging to determine how long it has been present and the extent of the damage without further examination of the area.

Neglecting to repair wood rot promptly may result in structural damage to your property and the potential growth of harmful mold. Black mold can pose serious health risks to individuals and may necessitate the assistance of professional remediation services.

If you suspect wood rot in your home, contact our office. We can do an inspection and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to remediate the issue. 

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