Why we use Latex Paint

Why we use Latex Paint

Many professional painting companies like ourselves use a water based paint called latex, but why you may ask?

Not only does latex paint have a much milder odor than other paints, but it is also much easier to apply and can be cleaned using just soap and water for those unwanted spots or dirt marks. Latex paint also has greater durability in the form of better color retention and chalk resistance and it will look good on your walls for many years.

Looking for a paint that has a good resistance to cracking and has a quick drying time? Latex paint is your answer and due to its quick drying time, multiple coats can be applied to your walls in a much shorter amount of time. Also, latex paint has a greater resistance to troublesome paint failures like blistering, flaking, chipping and peeling.

You can also use quality latex paints on interior trim, wood, concrete, stucco, brick, galvanized metal, vinyl siding, and aluminum siding.

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Picture from: http://homefixcos.com/latex-paint-complete-guide/

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