Staying Open During Repainting

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Staying Open During Repainting

Your office or business reflects you as a professional, particularly if you own or manage the company. Offices that look dated or shabby don’t give the best impression. But a nice-looking office can give the impression that you care about your business and that it’s a well-run company. Yet, some business owners hesitate to repaint their offices because they don’t want to stop work, and we understand that. However, repainting doesn’t always mean a significant disruption. We have commercial painting experience and can operate so businesses can continue their work.

Work Zones :

Setting up zones within your floor plan can help you continue your work while we do ours. When there’s enough space, we can move furniture around and cover it to tackle one area while working around others. This allows for minimal disruption. If there is sufficient space, we suggest a barrier or empty area between our work and yours. This allows for reduced noise and better air quality.

Business Hours:

In some cases, we can arrange to work outside of your business hours or work during your slowest hours. Whenever possible, we work with clients to paint during the most convenient times. If we’re doing an exterior project, then when we paint is usually not a problem.


Communication is critical when we are doing any project, including commercial work. Everyone needs to know our crews will be in or around the building. This means letting your employees and clients know as well. We’ll discuss the project in detail beforehand so that we can create a plan for minimal disruption. You can then notify those who will be most impacted by our work. We also suggest putting up signs where needed to direct foot or car traffic flow, but we’ll discuss this with you before we arrive.

Before & After:

We love before and after pictures, and we often post our projects on social media. You should as well! Let your customers see how you are investing back into your business. Take some pictures before we arrive and then after the project is completed. Post the pictures to your social media accounts or feature them in a newsletter. And who knows? Maybe we can feature your project as one of our blog posts!
We work on homes and businesses across Northern Virginia. We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your project. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Call us at (703) 629–6543 or request an appointment online (scroll down on the home page): We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful workspace!
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