Spring Back from Winter Damage!

Spring Back from Winter Damage!

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All the snow that has come and gone this winter has probably left some people with more than just a head cold. Spring is the best time to check the exterior of your house to see if any damage has been done. Here are some things to look for:

  • Blisters – moisture beneath the paint is lifting the paint film in order to escape
  • Chalkiness – the paint film is drying out and will soon lose its ability to protect what’s underneath
  • Faded paint or siding – ultraviolet rays from the sun are gradually breaking down the paint’s surface, causing both color and protection to fade
  • Flaking and chipping paint – solid evidence that the paint seal is broken
  • Hairline cracks – an early indication of paint failure due to dried-out paint
  • Mildew – appearing as black, gray or brown spots, mildew will degrade the paint and the substrate
  • Missing or shrunken caulk – unless caulk is replaced, it can no longer keep heat and cool in and moisture and insects out
  • Rotted wood – a sure sign that airborne fungi have penetrated moist, unprotected wood
  • Splits in stucco – even slight cracks can grow over time and allow moisture to penetrate and cause problems
  • Wrinkling – could indicate that a previous coat of paint wasn’t properly applied

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Pictures from: http://www.house-painting-info.com/articles/peelingpaint/


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