Paint It Forward/Renegade Room Makeover #4

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Paint It Forward/Renegade Room Makeover #4

Transforming a child’s bedroom into their dream room is one of the most satisfying things we do every year through the Paint It Forward Project! Accomplishing this pro-bono project for a child who’s battling cancer is especially poignant for me as a cancer survivor, and I always look forward to meeting these remarkable children. Offering my company’s services to bring a little cheer to their lives is truly special for me.

This year, we transformed two bedrooms! One belonged to Liam, this year’s Paint It Forward recipient. While we were there, we also redid his sister Sophia’s bedroom. As you can see, the before pictures show very nice rooms. However, the after photos show the children’s spaces personalized to their interests and passions! As you might imagine, the kids were thrilled with the final project.

Here’s what we did for each child:

You’ve probably guessed by the pictures that Liam is a huge Star Wars fan! So, we converted his room into a magical Star Wars space, including a new Star Wars desk. We brought some of the movie characters to life throughout the room with the Fathead Star Wars wall decals. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Futuristic details we added include a “light-up” bed thanks to a fun strip lighting underneath, creating an other-worldly look. The room’s paint colors are cozy. Liam can imagine himself in another galaxy each time he looks up at the new black ceiling that mimics outer space!

Liam will have some fun building his new LEGO Star Wars sets. And no Star Wars theme would be complete without a lightsaber!

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 4.04.52 PM 1

For Sophia, it was Pokemon all the way with pink and teal colors on the wall and ceiling! Although she had a nice bed, she was ready for a cool loft bed and desk. We also added some fun purple lighting for her. Sophia also received new dolls, a beanbag, bedding, curtains, and some Pokemon decorations!

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 4.01.27 PM 1

The project’s pictures show the transformative power of paint and new decorative details. Four days is all it took to transform two bedrooms. It was a project worth it because the result was two happy, deserving children!

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