Is that very low estimate worth it?

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Is that very low estimate worth it?

While it can be tempting to save money by hiring the cheapest painting contractor, that might not be the best idea. You might save some money upfront, but there’s a good chance it can cost you more later. The least expensive contractors sometimes don’t produce quality work, and you get what you pay for. This can mean hiring another painter to correct mistakes or to repaint much sooner than if you’d hired a more reputable painter like Home Works.

Here are some things to consider before you accept that cheaper estimate.


You should pay for experience when hiring any contractor for your home. Every painter should get their start somewhere, just as we did. But hiring an inexperienced crew is risky, especially if your project is extensive or tricky. On the other hand, an experienced painter might under-perform. Be sure to obtain reliable references and check them before you hire a paint contractor! If a contractor hesitates to provide references, you should walk away.


Some contractors will be under-insured to save money and offer lower prices. That does you no favors if something goes wrong in your home and a worker is hurt.


Some contractors don’t invest in their company and use cheaper equipment that isn’t safe for their crews or your home. Proceed with caution. Using non-professional grade equipment can lead to accidents or lower quality work.


Some painters don’t warranty their work. If a contractor says they don’t warranty their work, you’ll want to ask why and how they remedy work that turns out wrong or is low quality. No warranty can be a red flag.


Beware the estimate that isn’t detailed! We would never work with a contractor unwilling to be transparent about their charges. Be sure to ask them to write up anything you don’t understand. Get their warranty in writing and ask about how they handle overages (when something will cost more than they initially estimated.) If you obtain estimates from several contractors and one comes in a lot cheaper, ask yourself why that might be before you accept their estimate.

We have provided almost 20 years of professional painting services in the Northern Virginia area. We are experienced, invest in our company, and look out for our employees and customers, which is why clients return to us. We guarantee our work. We offer transparent estimates and pricing. This is how we’ve built our reputation and our business.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office. We would love to make you not just our client but a repeat client!

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