How to Spot a Bad Painter Before Hiring Them

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How to Spot a Bad Painter Before Hiring Them

The transformation you see after a new paint job should leave you happy and satisfied with the job and paint contractor. The newly painted surfaces should look smooth with no paint drips, crisp edges, or paint spatter anywhere, and the color should be consistent with no brushstrokes or surface underneath visible through the paint.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Hire a bad paint contractor, and you could have a different scenario. So, how do you spot a subpar painter so you don’t hire one?

As reputable contractors with over 20 years of experience, we take pride in our work and have repeat clients. Here are six signs to look for when you’re interviewing painters. 

        1. Initial Meeting: Any hiccups for that first meeting could indicate their normal behavior on projects. Did they show up on time and prepared to meet with you? Did they behave professionally?
        2. Lack of transparency: Before you hire a contractor, you should understand their pricing and process. All of your questions should be thoroughly answered, and you should feel comfortable with their level of transparency throughout your initial meeting. If they’re not fully transparent, they’re not a contractor you should hire. A contractor should always be willing to answer questions to your satisfaction and in detail. They should also offer a transparent estimate that’s easy to understand.
        3. Communication: If you have issues communicating with a contractor before hiring them, guess how they might communicate after you’ve signed a contract. If they don’t return a message you’ve left wanting to book an estimate – or it takes them a long time to return your call – that’s a red flag. If you feel they need to be more detailed in their communications with you or they’re not answering your questions, that’s another red flag.
        4. Ask about their process: A reputable contractor will be willing to share their detailed process for your project. This should explain how they work, what you can expect, what type of prep work they do, and how they plan on communicating with you throughout the project. If they hesitate to share their process, that is a red flag.
        5. Over-the-phone estimates: A good contractor will always come out to inspect and measure the project. Giving an estimate over the phone without seeing your project is a red flag. They should fully understand what needs to be done before they give you an estimate.
        6. Insurance and worker’s compensation: Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of insurance and workman’s compensation. A reputable painting company will have both. Safety is critical for anyone working in your home, and comprehensive insurance is part of that.

Final Tips for Finding a Reputable Contractor

Lastly, ask a potential contractor about any professional industry memberships and certifications. Those memberships indicate their interest in the latest happenings, technological advances, and standards in their industry. A business owner who invests in these types of memberships is an owner who cares about the industry, their clients, and their employees.

When hiring a paint contractor, you want to hire someone reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. If you would like us at Home Works to evaluate your project, we’d be happy to! You can schedule online or call our office at 703-629-6543.

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