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Exterior Home Painting

At some point, every homeowner has wondered how often they should repaint their home’s exterior.  There is no simple answer to how often. It depends a great deal on several factors we detail below for you as an experienced painting contractor.

How often you need to paint your home’s exterior depends in large part on:

1) How long has it been since your last professional paint job?

2) The quality of the paint used on your home’s exterior.

3) Location of your home.

1) How long has it been since your last exterior paint job? Reputable painting contractors (and indeed our company) will thoroughly inspect the exterior and do all necessary repairs before beginning to paint. We also do other necessary preparation. Good preparation can help your paint job last a bit longer and save you money in the long run.

2) Using quality paint and prep materials is an investment in your paint job and your home.  Using high-quality paint and materials better protects the exterior of your home and buys you more time in between painting. The high-quality paint acts as a protective coat sealing your home’s exterior from the weather elements. It also means your paint is less likely to chip or peel.

3) In Northern Virginia, we get hot, humid weather as well as frigid, cold. These temperature differences put a beating on your home’s surfaces. Exterior paints and caulk expand and contract with the variations in the temperatures which can cause it to break down over time. This is why using high quality paints and caulk are important in maintaining the exterior of your home.

If you have questions about when your home’s exterior should next be painted, please call our offices to schedule an evaluation and estimate. We’d be happy to offer our honest, expert opinion!

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