DIY Painting vs. Hiring a Painter

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DIY Painting vs. Hiring a Painter

Should you paint your home yourself instead of hiring a professional painter to save money? It might be tempting because you think it will save you money. However, that’s not a typical outcome. So, before you DIY your home painting project, there are some crucial things to know.

Experience and Preparation

Preparing the surface before painting is a crucial first step in any painting project. The quality of the prep work depends on the experience and skill of the person doing the work and the materials used.

The more complex the project, the more skill, time, and effort will be required to prepare the project correctly before beginning to paint. For example, issues like nail pops, dry rot, scratches, stains, or sheetrock repairs must be fixed appropriately before painting over them.

Professional painters can repair things in less time than most homeowners. Homeowners often lack the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge of the appropriate techniques to do the job correctly. Another difference is that many homeowners will need to learn what materials or tools to use for repairs. This lack of experience can cost the homeowner more money than if they’d hired professional painters.

When you hire a professional painter, you’re paying for their knowledge, skills, and experience, which can save you time and money in the long run. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to attempt a painting project themselves, only to realize that they need the help of a professional painter to fix their mistakes.

Paint Process

After collecting all the necessary materials and supplies, you must follow the correct process to achieve the best results. It’s more complex than you might think.

Knowledge plays a crucial role! A skilled and experienced painter can work more efficiently and effectively than an average DIYer, resulting in a better-finished product. Professionals are also familiar with the correct process to achieve great results.


In many cases, you will need to prime before you paint. For example, if you paint over a dark color, you will need to prime first, and a high-quality primer is a must. Also, it must be a suitable primer for the surface and paint type already on the surface.

If you’re thinking about using an all-in-one paint and primer product, we recommend our blog post on those products.


To avoid buying too much or too little paint, you’ll need to estimate the amount of paint required. Start by measuring the square footage of the room. If you’re using good painting techniques, a gallon of paint should cover about 450 square feet. (Professionals use less paint than DIYers as they know how to soak brushes and rollers properly.)

Besides selecting a color, you need to choose the right paint type for the surface – oil or latex paint. The paint type matters; whichever paint is already on the surface will influence which paint you use for repainting. Lastly, there’s also the type of sheen (eggshell, high-gloss, flat, etc.). Different surfaces require different sheens. For instance, oil paint works best for most baseboards and trim.

Cleaning Up

The room looks great, you’re done painting, and the clean-up begins! And how you clean up can impact your future paint projects! Cleaning up is an integral part of the painting process, partly for safety reasons. It’s essential to keep in mind that you may be dealing with highly flammable products. Therefore, properly storing and disposing of them is crucial to avoid potential hazards.

The clean can involve, but isn’t limited to:

        • Cleaning your brushes according to the paint type you’re using
        • Proper and safe disposal of dirty rags
        • Proper and safe disposal of chemical or paint-soaked materials, such as paint buckets, rags, and trays (Most communities strictly regulate the disposal of flammable chemicals and products.)

We have the experience and skill to tackle your next paint project safely and efficiently in your home or office. We value the results, so our customers return to us when they need to repaint. Call our office to schedule an estimate of your next project. Save your time and energy for something else, and let the pros handle the project!

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