“How soon are you available?” is a question we hear rather often, and it’s a fair one to ask. Whether asking when they call to schedule an estimate or once the estimate is in-hand, we can understand wanting to know just when we’re available. As a reputable Northern Virginia painting contractor, we stay pretty busy which is why we suggest to clients that they schedule an estimate appointment as soon as they think they need our services. It gives them and us the opportunity to work out a schedule favorable to us both if they decide to proceed with the work.  
Here are a few things that can determine the schedule for a project:
–  Client’s schedule and availability
–  Our availability, including how many projects we already have lined up.
–  The size or complexity of their project.
–  Weather can delay exterior paint or house projects.
–   If we happen to finish another project earlier than initially estimated, it could leave an opening perfect for another project.
Let’s talk budgets. 
Sometimes, a client will delay calling out of concern for what the project might cost. However, you’ll never know how much it’s going to cost until we review the project and provide you with an estimate. Our estimates are free and require no obligation on your part. Once you know the cost of your project, we’ll work with you on scheduling.
Keep in mind that winter is an ideal time for interior painting given the cold weather! 
If you’d like to schedule an estimate appointment, please call our offices today. We’d be happy to get you on the calendar.
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