Embrace Paint Colors You Love

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Embrace Paint Colors You Love

Embrace Paint Colors You Love 

When selecting a paint color, we always advise clients to be confident in their color selections. There are several reasons for this advice, not the least: you should love what your home (or office) looks like. Selecting colors you are drawn to helps you create a home that reflects your personality and preferences.

When selecting paint colors, follow your taste. If needed, ask for help.

Other Opinions

If you need ideas on what to do in your home, get a second opinion. There are four ways to seek out some help.

          1. If you’re not already working with an interior designer who can help you decipher what you’re drawn to, consider hiring a color consultant to help you find the best color for your space.
          2. Ask us! Given our experience as painting contractors in Northern Virginia, we could provide some guidance on colors.
          3. You can also ask someone you know who has a similar taste to yours and knows you well. It’s important to ask someone who shares your style, or else you might end up selecting something that doesn’t reflect your taste. And you might not be happy with your color selections later.
          4. Browse magazines and interior design websites to look for color inspiration. You might even attend a few home and design shows or stores. What colors do you see that you’re drawn to?

Choose What You Love

Stick to what you love or are drawn to when selecting paint colors, even when seeking out advice from others. If you let someone else sway your choices, you could end up regretting it and having to repaint. Depending on the project’s scope, that can become an expensive fix.

If you feel strongly about a specific color, consider going with that one. However, before you finalize a selection, we always recommend painting several color samples on the walls and checking the colors at various times throughout the day as natural light changes. You might be surprised how much natural light can affect how we see colors.

Choosing colors you love can help you feel more comfortable in any space because the colors reflect your personality and taste. Make a space your own by selecting colors you genuinely enjoy.

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